Gamescom 2017 Booth Schedule


We are happy to announce our Participation at Gamescom Cologne!

Just as last year at our booth you will have the chance to play through a huge Library of Retro and current Generation Fighting Games!
Once again we will be there to bring you the good times you deserve!

At our booth you will also get coaching and various challenges against FGC Members and other Visitors!


Receive coaching from Fighting Game Community players, step up your Game and get your revenge from a friend who always defeated you!


You call yourself a Fighting Game expert? You already reached the top of the online ranks? Nobody could ever defeat you?

Take on one of our Members in a First to 5 Set and show what you’ve got!


Show your skill in one of the Tournaments  at our booth!

The Matches will be played in Best of 3, Single Elimination format.

The Schedule for our Tournaments:

Wednesday 23.08 :King of Fighters XIV

Thursday 24.08 :Guilty Gear -Xrd- Revelator 2

Friday 25.08 : Street Fighter V

Saturday 26.08 : Tekken 7

All Tournaments will begin a Make sure to register at our booth before the Tournament starts.

There will be no way to register your self online.
Players that don’t show up in time will be DQ’ed.

Our booth location is:
Hall 10.2
Booth A20, A21, B20

See you in Cologne!